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IntroducingK.I.S.S Copy Check

Discover a simple way to check if your COPY is clear and easy to understand by optimizing it - plus discover a fundamental mistake all advertisers make.

Last Updated: April 20, 2024

Joel Woolhead
Joel Woolhead
Founder, Data Scientist
K.I.S.S Copy Check

WHY do this?

People's attention is constantly changing. There are stats out there that a consumer on average only spends 8s on any marketing content. That means you need to make it K.I.S.S proof.


This is a popular acronym and means "Keep It Super Simple" yes super simple. There are studies out there that our marketing should be aimed at a 5th grader or even 4th. Quite often our COPY can be hard to understand. Which will mean they will be gone before they have any need or desire for your solution.

There are (4) very good quotes from "Donald Miller's Books" that relate to this in so many ways:


”What we think we are saying to our customers and what our customers actually hear are two different things. And customers make buying decisions not based on what we say but on what they hear.”


“nobody will listen to you if your message isn’t clear, no matter how expensive your marketing material may be.”


"How many people are buying from out competition because they've communicated more clearly than we have?"


"The second mistake brands make is they cause their customers to burn too many calories in an effort to understand their offer.

⁠When having to process too much seemingly random information, people begin to ignore the source of that useless information in an effort to save calories. In other words, there's a survival mechanism within out customer's brain that is designed to tune us out should we ever start confusing them"

From this it is clear we need a simple message that anyone can understand with speed.

Quote #4 highlights an important mistake all advertisers make. When we write or talk on video we think our message is clear, we said it so it must be. But when you look at the other quotes 1-3 people hear different things.

That is why we need to do this ONE thing, check our message is clear for a 5th grader...

How to check our message is clear and at a 5th Grade level?

The answer, a free to use online tool known as the "Heming Way App". You can access it here:


  1. Copy your message (or copy)
  2. Paste it in the heming way editor app
  3. Review the current grade and refine, work on any red and yellow highlights as these are flagged as difficult to read.


  • if your there is no highlights and your grade is above the 5th then refresh the browser and re-paste
  • If after a refresh there are no highlights and the grade is higher, than split up the sentences and paragraphs (make them shorter). This process will make you re-write some sections which is well worth it.

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