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IntroducingFacebook Ad Strategy (Powerful Persona Building with GPT-4)

Have you ever seen a persona generated with this much detail, including PSYCHOGRAPHICS (buying behavior) and powerful audience targeting for Facebook Ads…ALL with just 4 ChatGPT (GPT-4) prompts...

Last Updated: July 13, 2024

Joel Woolhead
Joel Woolhead
Founder, Data Scientist
Facebook Ad Strategy (Powerful Persona Building with GPT-4)

What we will cover about Facebook Ad Strategy

How we can create a highly converting Facebook ad strategy with GPT 4. Now, what we can do with GPT 4, with just four different prompts in a Chrome extension is we can enhance the power of GPT with the brand new GPT 4 model with just four different prompts.

Now, these four different prompts are going to help us craft a buyer's persona. It's going to also help us understand some of the psychographics, demographics, interests that are going to help us start to craft our offers and go deep into our market research, what our market is hearing, what our market is saying, what our market is doing to be able to help us then come up with the offer and the message that converts.

And then obviously the Facebook ad copy, the headline, sales pages, and all of that. But this is the foundations. So let's start by creating the ultimate converting Facebook ad strategy using GPT 4.

Facebook advertisers, media buyers, and agencies want to check out this when building a brand new Facebook ad strategy or meta strategy when it comes to starting from the ground, starting from a brand new offer or client account.

What is a Buyers Persona and Psychographics?

A buyer's persona is essentially a representation of your ideal customer. It is created by researching and analyzing:

  • interests
  • needs
  • purchasing behaviors (psychographics)
  • aspirations
  • motivations and 
  • pain points

All of a certain segment of your target market. 

By creating a buyer's persona, you can gain insight into who they are, what they’re looking for and why they make the decisions they do. 

This type of information can help inform your marketing strategy on Facebook by allowing you to craft targeted messages. These messages then speak to the specific psychographic of your buyer's persona. 

You can create ads that are tailored to their interests, appealing to their needs and wants or addressing any pain points in order to convert. Through creating detailed buyer personas, you can also identify where your target audience is online. This will serve as great guidance in terms of placing ads on appropriate platforms such as Facebook. 

How to create a buyers persona with ChatGPT for Facebook Ads

First we need to look at whet we will need to get started. Below is a short list of steps to begin creating a Facebook Ad Strategy that converts.

Now we will cover each step in detail.

Step 1: Make a ChatGPT Account

Head over to:

Click on Sign up

Then either:

  • Enter your email and continue or
  • Continue with Google
  • Continue with Microsoft Account

Then enter first and last name and click continue, add your phone number and click send code. After this add your code and your good to go. I already have (2) accounts with this number so I cannot proceed.

Step 2: Add add this ("AIPRM for ChatGPT") extension to Google Chrome

Installing AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome extension is super easy. Click the link below then click on the blue "Add to Chrome". Then on the alert message window click "Add Extension".

Then this will open up chatGPT.


Note: Sometime you may need to disable chatGPT extensions as they can clash.


Step 3: Select Buyer Persona Template by RonGPT

Now open up ChatGPT and you should see the following, click on Buyer Persona by RonGPT. This is optional but select GPT-4 (you may need to be a plus member). Then at the bottom enter your audience and product or a very short description of what it does. Then just click send and give it some time.

Once dones just give it sometime, this is one idea we could expand this to other personas in the same market. In the youtube video I cover extra prompts to get specific audiences to target on Facebook.

YouTube Tutoral

In this video I reveal 4x proven prompts to deep market research and audience insights to traget for Facebook Ads. The results are insanely accurate!

Start saving time and creating Facebook ad strategies that convert

Now, I have a brand new workshop. It is live. The pre workshop is all ready to go. There is also going to be a further live workshop if you get access within the next seven days.

Now, this workshop is going to help you give you a proven process that helps you helps you craft a Facebook ad strategy from start to finish with GPT 4. And the exciting thing is you're going to get the exact template, and all you have to do is plug and play into chat GPT 4.

I'm going to do an over the shoulder on this live workshop, but before you get into it, there is content to help you with creativs and a whole range of different things, recipes, 100 proven prompts that you get access to before the workshop.

Plus for free get access to a complete Facebook AD copy recipe using a proven framework that uses 10 proven ChatGPT prompts:

Free here:

Build an entrie Facebook Ad Strategy with ChatGPT with a 100+ proven prompt process

On this workshop you will get access to a process of proven prompts to dive deep into market research and customer pain-points to offer and AD creation with ChatGPT and other A.I for creatives that convert

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