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IntroducingWhy Facebook Ads have taken a HIT months after the iOS14 Update

Advertisers feared the iOS14.5 update, then the day it launched. Nothing, ad campaigns still performed like normal. BUT months after the update ads took a hit. Here is why...

Last Updated: July 14, 2024

Joel Woolhead
Joel Woolhead
Founder, Data Scientist
Why Facebook Ads have taken a HIT months after the iOS14 Update

Back in April, we all barely slept before the highly talked about iOS14.5 update. The update feared as the "Apocalypse", feared by 10's of thousands on media buyers and even agencies.

Yet, that day was here and nothing...

Conversions kept flowing through, it was like nothing ever happened.

Why are Ads Getting Worse?

Let me start by asking, do you update on the first major release?

Like the majority I feel you would wait for the bugs to get squished...

or... Need a newer device as the current is not compatible. This all leads to WHY the TRUE effects of iOS14.5 were delayed even months after.

38% Adoption Rate April

When the update landed when measuring conversion by traffic flow were as little as 38% of iOS users had updated. All goes back to the delayed adoption rate.

At first all that panic sub-sided, there were still scrambling trying to find the solution.

July 77% Adoption Rate

Are existing "Solutions" solving the problem?

When we go back to the problem and think about it, we have a data problem. Apple is restricting the Pixel data off-of the apps onto websites. That restriction makes it hard for ad attribution occur with missing data.

Now when we think of some of the solutions even from agencies, here are some of the "solutions":

  • More funnel testing
  • More creative Testing
  • More offer testing
  • CBO adset stacking

OK, well all that should be fairly standard when it comes to paid marketing (advertising) but does this reveal WHAT ad influenced the conversion?

You, guessed it none of the solve data.

How do we solve the data problem?

First we need to think about how do we control data and how do we capture that ONE piece of information that we need to make informed decisions. Well we tag it, so that each event holds that data.

If you would like to learn how, I have a workshop with over 41 lessons on how to do just that (no tech experience needed).

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