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How to verify over 97% Facebook AD conversion data & scale again

Last Updated: April 20, 2024

Dear: Advertiser, Media Buyer or Agency Owner

Still flying blind with your ads?

Get Over 97% Conversion 🎯 Accuracy for AD tracking and attribution...

HINT: It's not using a Pixel or the UTM set!

Let's FINALLY END the Facebook Ad Attribution & Tracking Mayhem! Discover what no one is telling you about iOS14...

In case your wondering, I am using FREE software and a simple 3 step method to do this...

Let's look at the impacts of these iOS lies!

First, we have the impacts of iOS14.5:

  1. Apples update allows users to opt-out of tracking, meaning Facebook pixel data stops updating.
  2. As users update or get NEW devices adoption rate increases. Hence months after we are seeing 88% adoption then 33% on the week of the update.
  3. With less data being tracked and attributed, the graph data sets that the algorithm uses is diminishing.

IF any of the below apply to you and your business then it is critical we get on TOP of this NOW before it costs our business anymore.

  • How is it possible to scale when Facebook isn't reporting my conversions?
  • Have tried new creatives, new Ad sets. But seems things seem pretty grim right now.
  • Had massive sales then at the end of September everything tanked!!!!!
  • Very jarring. I've been filming ads almost every week or 2, cycling new ads, etc. to keep ROAS healthy
  • Is anyone else’s ads incredibly inconsistent? And getting worse
  • any many many more...

You get it let's look at ALL the LIES!

LIE #1:
❌ CAPI (Conversion API) will collect and pass the conversion data on the backend that the pixel cannot

✅ This can help boost conversions by 20-35%, when setup with advanced matching. Not using the typical pixel code.

LIE #2:

❌ Offer testing, this is a common one to keep testing new offers.

✅ All I can say is 🤦‍♂️, this was PRE iOS14....

LIE #3:

❌ Creative & COPY testing, another one we hear.

✅ All I can say is 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️, let me ASK if the same ads were working PRE iOS and not now, chances are its a data problem?

LIE #4:

❌ Schema Markup - helps Facebook know a summary of your offer

✅ This is code for ad approvals and the algorithm understand what audience to server to (this was key before iOS14)

LIE #5:

❌ New Strategy - an example can be video segments and re-targeting % of views.

✅ AGAIN, this is critical before iOS14 in helping build rapport (know, like & trust).

LIE #6:

❌ UTM parameter set - we leave all our trusted data up to Google 🤦‍♂️ .

✅ THIS would have to be the biggest risk to any business, how can you verify each ad conversion attribution?

Everyone online keeps guessing, it's all SMOKE 😤 and mirrors!

Now can I ask...

How do any of these solve conversion data?

I can help you know THY ad that converts. That helps you with proven and verified ad conversion data.

That is using my #1 CORE Principal.

Controlling the attribution. Which I am going to refer to as "Attribution Tagging" the too easy way for accurate tracking in an iOS14.5+++ world.

Finally you can solve the problem head on. 15 months ago, I started this journey to set out and solve the problem at the core.

Now, I know it works and ANY-ONE can set it up on ANY funnel.

You DO NOT need:

  • a new funnel
  • expensive tracking software
  • excel sheets
  • In fact if the pixel stopped working you could still track and scale your ads!

IF a client want you to prove and group conversions by ad data with 

TRUE attribution most advertisers cannot! While Leaving UTM to Google - is like opting out of tracking on iOS14.5++ and expecting ads to match your interests...

Lucky for you, I am about to release a BRAND New workshop that walks you through step by step "Attribution Tagging" using FREE software.

Get exclusive access:

  • Easily setup you own attribution with control and confidence
  • Discover how to scale again
  • Prepare for a cookie ad world
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  • and more

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Simply, Fix Missing Ad Conversions

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Facebook Ad Tracking & Attribution Workshop

Feel good about your ad data, optimize and scale again months after iOS14.5 with the "Attribution Tagging" Method you can:

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  • Learn powerful ROI tagging

  • Condifence in your data

  • Discover missing conversion insights

What's included

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Ad Magic Workshop

Frequently asked questions

The most common questions answered about the Workshop and Attribution Method.

What tools will we need?
In this workshop we will be using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager (GTM) which are FREE to use.
Is this a UTM Replacement?
While you can ONLY use the AdGrit method, it will not replace using UTM's and can enhance the UTM for valuable data pass-through.
What should I KNOW before joining?
The basics of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager, as we use these with the Attribution Method.
When is the Workshop being released?
The workshop is being recorded and will release from 5th November -2021.
Are the recordings included?
Yes, the recording will be split into bite-size chunks and uploaded to an exclusive member area for you to access.
What is your refund policy?
No questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

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